Supporting Youth Development through Summer Camp

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Supporting Youth Development through Summer Camp

This summer, amazing camp experiences were made possible through a grant awarded to Resident Resources Network (RRN) from Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC)! With OCIC’s investments, 156 children across eleven affordable housing properties were able to attend summer camp for free in 2023.

Children were able to make lasting memories and enjoy a fun-filled summer learning new skills, engaging in STEM (i.e., science, technology, engineering, and math) activities, developing character, making new friends, exploring their artistic capabilities, and so much more! Some of our summer camp providers were able to bring the fun and excitement straight to our housing communities, while other smiling campers received free transportation to and from the summer camp facilities.

These summer camp experiences would not have been possible without the support of our amazing, heart-felt Service Coordinators (SCs). A huge shout out to SCs Carrie Overly, Jane Hatcher, Autumn Keener, Gina Brock, and Tricia Amenhauser! They worked tireslessly to engage interest in summer camp; enroll children and families; collaborate with summer camp providers, community managers, and parents; coordinate meals and snacks; and more!

Not only did children get to experience the awesomeness of summer camp, their parents, grandparents, and caregivers also benefitted immensely, as the grant funds helped to eliminate the burden of finding child care for the summer and ensured that children were well-fed and in a safe space. One parent shared, “[Camp] helped get [my son] being more social, and I was able to focus on housework and a part time job.” Another parent shared, “We are so thankful [our daughter] had a fun summer and made new friends. This was a blessing.”

RRN appreciates the continued partnership with OCIC that makes these experiences possible, and we are already so excited for next summer’s adventures to begin!