About Resident Resources Network

Our Vision

To become the regional leader in breaking the cycle of generational poverty within the affordable housing communities we serve.

Our Mission

To connect affordable housing residents to supportive services (i.e., employment, education, health, gov’t benefits, etc. ) that can help to improve housing stability, increase self-sufficiency, and create safe and supportive communities.

Strategic Focus

Single mothers 21 to 35 and their preschool age children.

What Is Service Coordination?

Learn what a service coordinator does, what a service coordinator does not do, and how service coordinators help and benefit the populations they serve.

How We Serve

View our Basic Service Coordination Model to see how we work with the individuals and families we serve.

Who We Serve

Resident Resources Network strives to address the needs of low-income individuals and families throughout the year. Learn more about who we serve.

Where We Serve

View a list of the properties we serve.