How We Serve

Our Basic Service Coordination Model

How We Address the Needs of Low-Income Individuals and Families Throughout the Year.

Tools of Engagement

We employ a variety of tools to engage residents in local services and programs.

  • Service Coordinator
  • Blended Management
  • Community Resource Guides
  • Needs Assessment
  • Active Outreach
  • Referral and Linkage
  • Community Resource Guides
  • Needs Assessment
Resident Engagement in Services

We engage residents is specific services at critical times throughout the year. Our model identifies needs on a quarterly basis. See a graphic of our Service Coordination Model to view a complete breakdown.

Anticipated Outcomes

By engaging residents in the services they need the most, we anticipate meaningful changes that will impact their lives and the communities where they live.

Housing Stability

Safe and Supportive Communities


View Graphic of Our Service Model


Click here to view a pdf version of our Service Coordination Model.