Collaborating to Address Infant Mortality

Collaborating to Address Infant Mortality Mobile Libraries...

Collaborating to Address Infant Mortality

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 20,000 infants died before their first birthday in 2020. In an effort to help to reduce infant mortality rates, Daines Village has been hosting an Infant Parenting Support Class operated by Rocking Horse Community Center & Nationwide Children’s Hospital onsite at the housing communtity with support from Resident Resources Network.

The Infant Parenting Support Class is open to Daines Village residents along with London, Ohio community members. The class sessions equip new and expecting mothers and caregivers with the tools, resources, and community support they need to ensure that their newborn babies will be safe, healthy, and thriving.

Some of the program’s topics and highlights include:

  • Car Safety: All attendees learned the necessary skills for safe car seat installation and were able to take home a nice new car seat for their families.
  • Safe Sleep: In partnership with the Madison County Early Intervention Program, attendees received information on developmental screenings and tips on safe sleep, and twelve families took home a pack’n-play.
  • Healthy Feeding and Eating: Fourteen families were provided feeding support and education along with dinner and brand new booster seat feeding chairs.
  • Maternal Self-Care: Each Mother was given a gift to pamper herself and baby at home!
  • Sun and Water Safety for Infants: Participants learned about the do’s and don’t of keeping babies safe while having a fun summer! Each family was provided dinner and was gifted clip-on stroller fans, safe water play mats and baby bucket hats to keep their little ones feeling and looking cool!
  • Healthy eating for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women and Their Infants: Attendees were educated about meal planning/prepping and learned how to make homemade baby food. Each family received dinner, storage containers for baby food and a $25 gift card to Kroger!
  • RSV, Cold and Flu Season: Participants learned about the do’s and do not’s of caring for babies during the cold and flu season. They were also demonstrated how to conduct chest percussion on their little ones.
  • First Aid and Toddler-Proofing their Homes: Families received dinner and learned about first aid safety, toddler-proofing their homes, received cabinet locks, outlet covers and first aid kits.