Shining a Light on Service Coordinator, Jane Hatcher!

Shining a Light on Service Coordinator, Jane Hatcher! Resident Success Story...

Shining a Light on Service Coordinator, Jane Hatcher!

Jane joined the Resident Resources Network team in 2021, initially working part-time as an on-site service coordinator at both Daines Village and Meadow’s Apartments. 

Her dedication and passion for helping others shone brightly, and in 2023, she transitioned to a full-time role on the remote service coordination team. 

We are thrilled to spotlight Jane Hatcher as the very first recipient of our newly establish RRN Service Coordination Hero Award! 

The Service Coordination Hero Award

The RRN Service Coordination Hero Award recognizes individuals who embody the core values we hold dear: compassion, tenacity, and collaboration. Jane exemplifies these qualities in everything she does.

Compassion: Jane consistently goes above and beyond to support residents. She takes the time to truly understand their needs and challenges and works tirelessly to find solutions.

Tenacity: Jane doesn’t give up easily. When faced with obstacles, she perseveres with a positive attitude, always seeking the best outcome for residents.

Collaboration: Jane fosters strong relationships with coworkers, community managers, and community partners. She’s a champion of collaboration, readily sharing resources, volunteering her expertise, and celebrating the successes of others.

Jane’s commitment to her role is truly inspiring.  She is a constant source of support and encouragement for everyone around her, always willing to lend a helping hand and share her knowledge.

We are incredibly grateful to have Jane on the RRN team. Her dedication, positive spirit, and unwavering commitment to building a better future for residents make her a true hero!

Remote Service Coordinator Manager, Carrie Overly shares, “Jane is a Service Coordinator Hero who kindles a great light in the world and makes a better place for all people through the strength of her heart with the act of caring. Her name truly reflects her character. Jane embodies ‘Grace,’ ‘goodness,’ and ‘generosity’ in everything she does, making her a unique and invaluable part of our team. Congratulations!”

Lastly Jane shares, “I feel very humbled every day that our residents allow me into their lives, confide in me and put their trust in me to be by their side as they seek to better themselves and their families. Working as a Service Coordinator for Resident Resources Network on-site and remotely has allowed me to help make positive changes and meaningful differences in our communities and I love that!