Robert Williams, Vice-Chair

williams-rrn Robert A. Williams Jr. is the Executive Director of Healthy Homes, the non-profit housing initiative arm of Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families (HNHF). HNHF is a five-pronged community outreach initiative that is a collaborative organization formed between Nationwide Children’s and Community Development for All People. Since 2008, Robert has been responsible for acquisition, construction management, sales, project and staff development for all housing initiatives created by Healthy Homes. To date, Healthy Homes has provided over 100 home repairs and sold over 50 homes in the community that they serve.


Robert has over 15 years of experience in the housing and banking industries. Prior to joining Nationwide Children’s, Robert served as the Sales Coordinator at Homeport, another non-profit housing organization. Other professional experience includes over 8 years of experience in retail banking, with the majority of that time served by functioning as an affordable housing mortgage loan officer. Robert holds an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and has a Masters in Marketing and Communications from Franklin University.