On a Roll

On a Roll On the Path Towards Wellness You Never Know Until You Ask

On a Roll

Restricted mobility was a health problem that St. Aloysius Apartments resident, Terry, lived with daily. She needed others to help her get to and from the store and her doctors’ appointments.  

Terry’s service coordinator, Emmy, connected Terry with Rehab Medical, a mobility specialist company. Rehab Medical assessed and measured Terry for a powerchair. Terry had been saving money for a chair on her own, but her limited income made this difficult. After being approved for financial hardship, Rehab Medical gifted Terry the whole wheelchair at no cost. This custom power chair caters to both her physical needs and the setup of her apartment.

“I feel like I have my legs back,” said Terry, who is enjoying the new freedom her chair gives. ​​​​​​​

Service Coordinators work to provide residents like Terry access to the resources they need to have the life they deserve.​​​​​​​

If you know a resident needing access to resources, have them contact their property’s Service Coordinator.