Housing Stability Supports Reaching for the Stars!

Housing Stability Supports Reaching for the Stars! 2022 Scholarships... Investing in Our Children...

Housing Stability Supports Reaching for the Stars!

With unpaid rent bills adding up to $4,143.00, Rose, a Sahara Apartment resident, began feeling the world’s weight on her shoulders as her housing status became unstable for her family. She was on the brink of eviction when the housing community’s Remote Service Coordinator, Carrie Seice-Overly, and Community Manager, Jessica Debarr, worked hand in hand with her to find assistance.  

Rose was referred to the eviction prevention program offered through Resident Resources Network (RRN), which allowed Carrie and Jessica to work as a collaborative support system for Rose and advocate for her remaining stable in her home. Each person listened, guided, and showed compassion while sharing and gathering information to help the Rose apply for and secure the amount needed to prevent the eviction of her and her son.  

As part of the program, Rose attended the free virtual Introduction to Financial Wellness class offered by RRN through its partnership with First Commonwealth Bank and Financial Compass Foundation. After the class, she couldn’t wait to talk to Jessica and Carrie about the tips and tricks on increasing self-sufficiency in finances, and how the course helped rebuild her confidence. In fact, Rose found the class so impactful, she went above and beyond and took four more advanced, free, virtual financial literacy courses, earning a completion certificate of Advance Finances.

Today, Rose continues to request more classes on finances to strengthen her love for learning and move closer toward her dream of starting her own business. Her next steps include talking one-on-one with a financial coach and volunteering and organizing in her community, and she looks forward to making a difference in her community along with Carrie and Jessica.

Rose shared she is thankful for the helping hand, but acknowledges this is just the start of her journey and knows it will have more paths as she continues to reach for the stars!