Collaboration Got Her Back on Track

Collaboration Got Her Back on Track Resident Resources Network... Improving the Financial...

Collaboration Got Her Back on Track

Jessica is a resident of Cypress Commons Apartments in Middletown, Ohio. As a single mother of two, she carries many responsibilities. So, when a series of unfortunate events occurred, she found herself stuck in a tough situation. Jessica didn’t have money to finish her car down payment, put her youngest in daycare while at work, or put food on the table. She was past due on her rent and was at risk of electrical disconnect with a 15-day notice.

Jessica faced frustration, uncertainty, and fear there was no way out. Luckily, she confided in Cypress Common’s Service Coordinator, Judy Sengewald, then Jessica’s circumstances began to change.

Judy gave Jessica donated gift cards to fill her gas tank twice so she could drive for Door Dash to earn money, gave applications and directions to fill out to take to funding offices, and donated a tablet that helped Jessica communicate with agencies more professionally. The ladies spoke daily, sometimes more, to overcome obstacles.

Carrie Seice-Overly, Resident Resources Network’s (RRN) Remote Service Coordinator, assisted by joining Jessica and Judy in relentlessly knocking on the door of agencies, constant conversations with Duke Energy, calling churches, and visiting the Job & Family Services (JFS) office to file the applications necessary for the support she needed.

About five days before Jessica’s power would be shut off, efforts paid off when the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) office approved funds to stop disconnect and give further assistance. In addition, JFS’s Prevention Retention Contingency (PRC) program approved the necessary car repairs for Jessica.

Since this experience, Jessica proactively continues to network additional resources for her family. She’s filed social security benefits for her children, been approved for additional SNAP benefits, and is exploring better long-term employment opportunities.

A victory over extreme, adverse conditions with family finances has given all who worked on this effort a sense of empowerment. The effort produced amazing results by uniting with focus and perseverance through difficult times.

The connection between RRN, Wallick, and others has helped us help Jessica beat the odds and get back on track to success!

“Keep evolving, keep moving, and never give up hope.” – Jessica.