Mike Johnson, Trustee

Mike Johnson is the co-owner of The Pit BBQ Grille located in North Linden and a Financial Analyst at LBrands. As a small business owner, Mike is primarily involved with managing the restaurants finances, analysis, and accounting. In addition to the ownership of The Pit, Mike serves as a Financial Analyst in the Retail Operations group for LBrands, where he is responsible for project accounting for new store development supporting the China market.


Prior to working for LBrands, Mike was a Senior Accountant for BMW Financial Services in the internal controls group. In addition to Mike’s professional experience, he enjoys connecting with community members and serving as a partner investing into Linden and supporting local organizations and schools. Mike is passionate about empowering the community by providing jobs and being a role model. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends and in fellowship with his bible study group, Men of Joy. Mike is passionate about financial literacy and helping people take control over their finances. He hopes to start a program teaching teenagers about the importance of financial discipline and budgeting. Mike holds a BS in Business Management from Franklin University.